Mrs India – I Am Beautiful

A Pageant that Celebrates the Complete Woman

“Mrs. India- IAB ” a beauty pageant for married women that
celebrates and admires the accomplishments and achievements of a wife, a mother, a complete woman with true beauty and intelligence.”

Mrs India-IAB has undergone an exciting change as we recently rebranded. Mrs India evolved from being a pageant to a women empowerment movement, and we felt the need to restructure our brand to showcase the spirit of women, and the real relatable women that we work with.

Gone are the stereotypes that do not match the individual, bearing the burden of a crown of ideals being placed upon their head diminishing the power of their womanhood to the stigma of unattainable beauty.

The new brand does away with the ideals that do not match real women, but instead showcase true beauty that shines from within and celebrate every woman in her unique femininity.

We are proud to present the #IAMBEAUTIFUL

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